Aspects of Trees Teresa Connors - Sonics, Andrew Denton - Visuals

These short videos are 'work in progress' samples of the exploration presently underway for Aspects of Trees. The visual landscape experiments with temporal space and spectacle, composite and abstract imagery, and scale and complexity. It also utilizes multi-channel time-lapse cinematography and applies it as a forensic tool to highlight human impact and entanglement on, and with, the ecology. The live performance is intended for three screens and in conjuncition with the live cello and laptop, creates a partnership which forms a hyperimprovisational condition.

The audio file embedded below is a 'trial run' improvisation with cello and software. The software, created in Max/MSP/Jitter and developed specifically for this project, is an amalgamation of previously developed Max externals: Alex Hark's HissTools, Karlheinz Essl's sequiture generator, Alexander Jeansenius's Jamoma motiongram modules, and Ben Carey's scrub granulator. Combined with the conceptual intentions of the work, a live interactive network is fostered creating a condition for each performer to "respond in a sympathetic, symbiotic, [and] collaborative way".1

1.Beilhartz, K. and Ferguson, S. 2007. Gestural Hyper Instrument Collaboration with Generative Computation for Real Time Creativity. Creativity and Cognition, Washington, DC: ACM, pp.213-222